Using a price comparison site to look into insurance is a habit lots of us are in. It can be handy for simple types of cover – like car, pet or travel insurance – when you know what you need and all you want to do is compare prices.

With life insurance and income protection, it can be trickier to work out what you need. They're more complex, longer-term purchases, so it's important to make an informed decision when you take them out. To do this, we believe everyone should have easy access to expert advice before taking out life insurance and income protection. This is why we exist.

We're different to a price comparison site in three key ways:

1. We provide expert advice

When you go to price comparison site, the first thing they'll ask you is how much cover you need. This is where most people get stuck (or take a guess) – because working out your future financial liabilities (and therefore how much cover you need) isn't straightforward. Most people need help to work this out accurately.

At Anorak, we ask a few quick questions about your life and finances to work all of this out for you – instantly and online. We provide expert advice about the cover you need and recommend the policies that are most suitable for you. Our advice is completely independent and regulated by the FCA.

2. We shortlist your most suitable policies

One of the good things about a price comparison website is that you get to see all the insurers in one place (as opposed to going directly to an insurer, where you only see their policies). Just like a price comparison site, we also operate on a whole market basis – scanning all the major insurers when finding you quotes.

The difference between us and a price comparison website is that we filter out the policies from the market that are most suitable for you. A price comparison website, on the other hand, shows you everything on the market – even if the policies aren't suitable for your profile. With our recommendation, you won't be left scratching your head about which one to go for, and you can be sure you're choosing something genuinely suitable for your needs.

3. We help you apply

We don't just point you in the right direction then wave goodbye. We're with you end-to-end, and even do all the heavy-lifting for you when it comes to applying. We'll submit your application on your behalf and take care of any back and forth needed with the insurer along the way.